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MerkzettelEast of Tuscany by the Adriatic Coast

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East of Tuscany by the Adriatic Coast
Hidden in rolling hills
41040 Sorbolongo (Located outside of the village), Italien (Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Marche)
Homepage: amona-buechler.move-with-life.org


For anyone looking for gentle, yet profoundly transformative ways of relaxing with themselves & for opening into the lively adventure of not-knowing. Feel creative, joyfully alive, deeply still, and at peace with life’s ever-changing inner & outer circumstances. We create supportive & safe spaces that allow life-changing processes to occur. This is a very special retreat with body-oriented therapies, verbal expression, silence & dance in the stunning beauty of the Adriatic Italian countryside. 




Lodging is in two beautiful historic stone houses in the midst of nature, complete with a swimming pool. Two participants will share one bedroom, and the two houses have terraces and gardens.
From the nearest village, which sits on top of a hill, find breathtaking views and stunning sunsets. 


Breakfast, lunch and 3 dinners, self-serve tea and coffee.

The meals will be prepared by locals who know the freshest sources of fruits and vegetables. Meals will be vegetarian friendly, diverse, and wholesome to support your inner process.
Ask us with dietary needs. 

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Small group size with max 12 participants
Two facilitators to ensure individual attention
Swimming pool, terraces and wide gardens

In the midst of rolling hills
Canyon & hiking trails
Delicious Italian cuisine
Open air nightlife in historic cities
The Mediterranean Sea 


We are sisters. Of our various skills we will include the following modalities in this retreat: Uta Büchler Authentic Movement, Somatic Experiencing
Workshops since 1990 individual sessions since 2000
Amona Büchler Feldenkrais Method, Focusing Method
Workshops and individual sessions since 1998 


5 days & 5 nights (Two participants share a bedroom)
30 retreat hours, average 6 hours per day
Breakfast, lunch and 3 dinners, self-serve tea and coffee
Free Wi-Fi

Euro 830 up to Euro 990 sliding scale. Please decide based on your financial situation. 

Kurse und Reisen

On the Path Coming Home to Yourself Retreat

In guided explorations, you will – at your own pace – come into a more direct and loving contact with yourself and others. Your inner sensitivity and resilience will grow. You will explore moving beyond hindrances that keep you from living with a quality of playfulness, ease, and a trust in life. Without having to perfect yourself, you can find an inner state of being aware of the preciousness of each moment, pleasant or painful, feel alive and at home in every cell of your body.

16.06.2019 – 20.06.2019

Teilnehmer: 12
Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene


Mona Buechler

Ahornstr. 32
12163 Berlin

Telefon: +1-708-805-6171

E-Mail: amona@move-with-life.org


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